My Panther Mod 60 1931 as found


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My Panther 1930 parts

My Panther mod 60 1931


Missing part Amal 6 Sports Model 45A
twin headlamps
Stach & C:o. imported Panther to Sweden for many years. Stach & Co, P&M Dealer in Stockholm Sweden
Stach & Co, P&M Dealer in Stockholm Sweden
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My bike was manufactured 4th of march 1931 by Debenham and had a number 2 piston. In Sweden it first came to Andersson & Olsson a dealer in Kristinehamn and was registrated 18th of june 1931 and got number S 1319 in (Värmland county ) , the story from 1931-1945 is unknown. In 1945 Rune Kullander bought it from Sten Larsson Dunderbacken, Persberg, Filipstad.

In 1946 he sold it to his cousin Gunnar Kullander who used it to 1952 and sold it to Gunnar Larsson in Nittkvarn ( Dalecarlia county ) and got number W 16577. Gunnar used it as a postmen around Ställdalen. It was used for two years and after that a toy for children. I found and bought it in 1983 at one of my friends who had saved it from standing in raindrop behind a barn. It was still owned by Gunnar Larsson:s son Leif.

May 2002, met two of Gunnar Kullander relatives, cousin Rune and halfbrother Gunde Mossberg and they both says it had two headlamps.

Engine as found
Bike as found

back chainguard 1931

front chainguard 1931
Gunnar Kullander home at Lindbergshage Persberg





















Top left: Gunnar Kullanders house as it looks today.
Top right: Miller taillamp
The missing parts are both chainguards and an Amal 6 Sports Model 45A Carb
taillamp and the headlamps. If you have any of these parts please contact me.
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