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1935 Red Hunter



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My bike has a singleport head and low level pipe, a model of Red Hunter which I think never was sold here in Sweden. It was delivered to Jordan & Co in Hull the 19 of march 1935. see story under how I found my bike.


Red Hunter 500 cc engine


Top left and right: First owner on his bike.
Bottom left: Wife in saddle.
Bottom right: A friend of the family beside his 1936 Ariel
If anyone who read this has any more information about these pictures. Please contact me. Mats Berglind
A good friend of the family on his 1936 VG
Owner on tour round Scandinavia
Owner on tour

ARIEL History

Ariel started with bicycles for men first adverted in 1871 and in 1874 for ladies. In 1898 Cycle Components bought Ariel bicycle company and put the Ariel name on their De Dion powered trike. The engine was placed in front of the rear axle instead of hanging behind as on most other trikes. The first two wheeler came in 1901 with a Minerva engine.

In 1905 the first competition success came on Isle of Man this time using a JAP v-twin. From 1911 they used White & Poppe engines and into the mid twenties.
( see picture of my two engines ). White and Poppe engine 1917 Early White and Poppe engine

They also used Blackburne and MAG engines during this years. In 1925 Valentine Page came to the factory and designed two new engines one 500 ohv and one 557 sv engine and they was used to 1959 with modifications. In early thirties they changed bore from 81.8 to 86.4 on 500 cc engines but changed back in 1935.

From 1958 Ariel used two strokers in the Leader model up to the end in 1965. In 1965 BSA took ower and 1970 they used the Ariel name again on a 50 cc trike to their collapse in 1972.


How I found my bikes

My interest for Ariel Motorcycles started in 1976 when my father i law during road building in a swamp found what was left of a 1935 Ariel Red Hunter 500 cc very rusty but interesting. It was thrown into the swamp in 1961 by the third owner, he bought a Volkswagen and was offered 3 pounds for the bike in exchange. I have been in contact with the third owner and the first owners wife so I have the whole story of my bike.

The first owner was a student from Finland who graduated in 1935 as a diploma engineer. He got money to travel and money to buy a bike as a present so the bike is bought at Jordan & Co Hull England and brought back to Finland, in 1946 he moved to Stockholm in Sweden and later to Gävle and he used it to 1953. The second owner lived in Sandviken and used it for a year and a third owner took over and used it to 1961.

The first owner and his wife used the bike on many long trips. I have got three photos from his wife from one of these. If anyone recocnize the places please contact me.










My 1953 VHA 500 cc have served me very well during the years no problems at all so far. It's painted in wedgewood blue and looks very nice. It's restored 20 years ago and it's time for a new ovarhaul. This bike was delivered to AB Allmotor in Örebro Sweden third of april 1953 and it got a certificate of registration 15 of july 1953






































Red Hunter engine text


How I found my bike
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