Ariel 1952-53 Owners Guide
NH, VH, VHA, VCH, Red Hunter and VB

Owners Guide Frontpage
Instructions for starting
Ariel owners guide NH, VH, VHA, VCH, VB
Engine running in
Engine lubrication system pic
Heavy oil consumption
oil purfier and oil filters
Oil regulator type A and B
Oil level
Dry sumo lubrication
Piston an gudgeon pin
Reassambly ohv
Piston rings Sv and Ohv
Removing valves
tappet adjustment
Valve tappet clearance
Valve timing
Valve tappet clearance
Timing gear and oil pump
Timing gear and oil pump
Engine shaft shock absorber
Magdyn0 chain
Telescopic front fork, front veiw
Exploded view of Ba and CP gearbox
Gear change parts
Removal of magdyno chain
The kickstarter
Remowing the complete gearbox
Brakes and hub bearings
Dismanteling the kickstarter case end cover
Driving chains
Dismantling the kickstarter case end cover
chain lubrication
Removing sliding tube
The Cluch assembly
Gear ratios
BA and CP Gearbox only
Fixed rear wheel bearing adjustment
The Carburetter
Exploded view of Ba and CP clutch
GB gearbox
GB gearbox
Dimanteling the clutch assembly
The gearbox
Clutch assembly, description of parts
GB gearbox
GB gearbox
Dismantling the box
Flywheel assembly
Rear brake fulcrum and chain adjustment
Replacing front wheel
Replacing front wheel
Front fork assembly
Telescopic front fork, side veiw
Driving hints
<sv series A and B
Valve tappet adjustment SV
Clutch cable and rod adjustment
Description of parts
GB gearbox
Removing sleeve
To reasseble the Telescipic fork
Exploded veiw of telescopic fork
Steering head
Spring frame series A
Spring frame series B
Spring frame series B
Lubrication spring frame both series
Detachable rear wheel (rigid frame) 2
Detachable rear wheel C spring frame ) series A and B
Chain and rear brake adjustment
Petrol tank
Rim sizes and tyre pressure
Light alloy cylinder and heads
Chromium plating
When and where to lubricate
Spring frame series A
Proprietary equipment & accessories
Technical data
Lubrication recommendations
Detachable rear wheel (rigid frame)
Fault finding chart
Miles per hour
Engines exploded view
Gearbox and clutch exploded view