My interest for motorcycles started early, at 9 my father let me drive his Vespa 125 cc 1953 with sidecar and at 15 I bought a moped a Monark La Strada at 16 a Ducati 1961 125 cc, next bike was a Ducati 450 Desmo Mark 3 1970.

In 1976 my father in law found a Ariel 1935 RH 500 in a swamp, in bad shape but restorable and five years later I fond the remaining parts of a 1920 P&M RFC model in the grass behind a barn where it had been since 1939 and in 1983 I bought a Panther 1931 Mod 60.

After this nothing happened a lot of hard work and three children took all my time but in 1995 I found Simon Fleming:s "The Panther Page" on internet and my interest came back. In 1998 I started to insulate my garage for to be able to use it as a workshop in the winter but a hart atack early in 1999 put a stop for my plans, and the garage is now after 3 years finished so I can start work on my bikes again. I'm slowly coming back but will never be like before but I still have my interest for old motorcycles.

The first bike I will try to restore will be Panther 1931 Mod 60. The P&M 1920 RFC will have to wait it's still to many parts missing. Found a 1953 Panther 600 in the wood in the north of Sweden.



Mats Berglind

I live in Borlänge in mid Sweden and is a member of
Dalarnes Automobil Klubb, POC, MCV, and MCHK
Mats Berglind, Erikersgatan 4, SE-784 37 Borlänge Sweden
mobilephone +46 703166036

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Updated 2015-09-23 with pics on my new find a
Panther 600 from 1953. Found in the middle of north Sweden 150 meters out in a wood.
Updated 2007-06-24 with pics on a 1953 350 Panther
digged up in Storuman in north of Sweden last year.



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Me and my older brother in 1947